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“I feel that I am walking in my purpose and standing in my light.”

- Rayceen Pendarvis


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The life and career trajectory of Rayceen Pendarvis has soared to heights the DC native could not have possibly imaged while growing up in the northeast section of Washington, DC.  As a young teenager graduating from McKinley High School, classmates naturally began charting their career paths and determining what contributions they would make to society.  Pendarvis, like others, also planned several career options and initially focused on fashion apparel & unique hair designs.  Many decades later, those modest plans pale in comparison to the glorious life and career Pendarvis has enjoyed thus far.  

Over time, Pendarvis established several unique endeavors that have allowed the keen entrepreneur to carve out multiple thriving careers.  A short list includes:

– Serving as a Washington public official after proudly being elected one of the city’s very first openly gay Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner’s 

  Establishing The Ask Rayceen Show - a free monthly variety show held each month in Washington, DC

  Launching a successful professional recording career with Mix Records and touring the east coast club circuit

If that’s not enough, Pendarvis has also been acknowledged by many local and regional organizations.  This includes being named “Person of The Year” by Go Gay DC, receiving multiple Lifetime Achievements Awards, accepting special recognition as a “Capital Pride Hero” and participating in the annual Capital Pride Parade, and becoming a finalist for Washington’s highest honor - the prestigious Mayor's Arts Award!

Today, Pendarvis is widely known to a legion of fans as the “Goddess of DC,“ “The High Priestess of Love,” “Queen of the Shameless Plug,” and “Father of Five and Mother to Many.”  Each of these monikers represents a unique slice of the Pendarvis lifestyle.  

Below, you have the opportunity to explore many of the milestones Pendarvis has enjoyed so far.  The list is long, varied, and filled with fun and memorable moments,  Yet, each unique entry represents a stepping stone to the iconic figure fans now love, respect, and adore!

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Career Highlights

May 1991:

Rayceen hosts inaugural Black Gay and Lesbian Pride Day, now known as DC Black Pride.

May 1998:

Rayceen receives the Welmore Cook Award for outstanding leadership from

Black Gay and Lesbian Pride, now known as DC Black Pride.


The Ask Rayceen Show occurred monthly at MLK Library.

Spring 2013:

Rayceen appears on cover of SWERV with Tracey Africa Norman and others.


The Ask Rayceen Show occurred monthly at Liv Nightclub.


Rayceen honored as one of 205 Heroes in the Fight Against HIV/ AIDS in the Last 30 Years.

May 2014:

Metro Weekly runs Rayceen Pendarvis cover story.

June 2014:

Rayceen moderates NIH Transgender Health panel.

June 2015:

Rayceen moderates Smithsonian’s “Paris Is Burning” panel.

September 2015:

Rayceen honored at The DC Center’s Fall Reception.

September 2015:

Rayceen hosts Reel Affirmations and Team Rayceen “Paris Is Burning” event.


The Ask Rayceen Show occurred monthly, primarily at MLK Library.

June 2016:

Rayceen honored as recipient of Capital Pride Heroes Award.

June 2016:

Rayceen participated in Capital Pride Parade as Capital Pride Hero.

July 2016:

Rayceen’s debut TUV magazine article published.

August 2016:

Rayceen hosts annual OutWrite LGBT Book Festival.

October 2016:

Rayceen hosts annual Reel Affirmations LGBT International Film Festival.

October 2016:

Rayceen voted “Best Clergy” in Washington Blade’s Best of Gay DC Awards.

October 2016:

Rayceen’s debut Unite Virginia magazine article published.

December 2016:

Rayceen guest hosted “Inside Out Radio” on WPFW.

December 2016:

Rayceen named Person of the Year by Go Gay DC.

January 17, 2017:

Rayceen is guest co-host of The Lanada Williams Show on

January 20, 2017:

Rayceen’s letter to the President Elect included in Metro Weekly’s Dear President Trump feature.

January 27, 2017:

Rayceen hosts Reel Affirmations film screening as new host of the monthly event in DC.

February 25, 2017:

Rayceen is a celebrity judge at the Annual Team DC Fashion Show and Model Search.

March 1, 2017:

The Ask Rayceen Show begins its sixth season with a new venue: HRC Equality Center.

March 17, 2017:

Rayceen receives the Impact Award for LGBTQ Advocacy from Omega Lambda Phi Fraternity.

May 6, 2017:

Team Rayceen and Unite Virginia present The Artomatic 2017 Finalé starring Rayceen Pendarvis.

May 20, 2017:

Rayceen hosts Capital Trans Pride.

July 5, 2017:

Rayceen's first article for is published.

August 5, 2017:

Rayceen hosts "Quick and Dirty" and moderates a panel at the

Seventh Annual OutWrite LGBT Literary Festival.

September 14, 2017:

Rayceen is honored as a finalist for the Mayor's Arts Awards/Excellence In The Humanities.

September 2017:

Rayceen is honored as a finalist for the 16th Annual Washington Blade Best of Gay DC Readers’ Poll

for Best Clergy & Best Transgender Advocate.

November 2017:

Rayceen is honored as LOCAL LGBTQ ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR by The G-Listed on their list titled



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