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“I feel that I am walking in my purpose and standing in my light.”

- Rayceen Pendarvis

Rayceen Pendarvis is an emcee, entertainer, activist, SWERV magazine columnist, former ANC Commissioner, and lifelong Washingtonian.  Over the years, Pendarvis has hosted numerous fundraisers, pride festivals, arts festivals, talent showcases, fashion shows, balls, and other events.  Furhermore, the Queen of the Shameless Plug frequently moderates panels and appears as a panelist at various conferences dealing with social justice and LGBTQ equality.  In addition to a regular column in SWERV, Pendarvis also has written articles for Tagg, Unite Virginia, and TUV magazines.

The Goddess of DC has been honored by the community many times over the past several years, including awards from NYC’s Latex Ball, The DC Center for the LGBT Community, Casa Ruby, Empowerment Liberation Cathedral Church, and the Community Church of Washington, DC.   In 2016, Capital Pride selected Pendarvis to be a recipient of the Heroes Award and appear in the annual Capital Pride Parade. 

Later that year, despite not being ordained or ministering in a traditional capacity, Pendarvis was voted Best Clergy in the Washington Blade’s 2016 Best of Gay DC Awards.  A tireless advocate, promoter, and champion of various causes, Pendarvis has earned the monikers “Queen of the Shameless Plug” and the “Goddess of DC.”

Rayceen Pendarvis can be seen regularly as the host of The Ask Rayceen Show, a free, monthly, live event on first Wednesdays (March-November) in DC.  In addition to live music, show segments include panel discussions, interviews, competitions, improv comedy, and audience participation games.  All are welcome and admission is always FREE.

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Ask anyone who knows Rayceen Pendarvis and they will certainly tell you that the phenomenal "Goddess of DC" has graciously been “Pouring Love” into the community for many years.  It is now only fitting that members of the community take a moment to oblige by expressing their heartfelt appreciation.  

Below you will find a wonderful collection of comments from those who have been personally touched by Pendarvis during a long and inspiring career.  Their sincere comments clearly affirm the work Pendarvis does has not been overlooked.


“...Rayceen Pendarvis is an absolutely insane powder keg of wit, humor and raw talent.  We need more of her.  With her energy, we won’t be able to avoid it.”

“I thank God for icon's like yourself who continue to knock down doors and paved the way for people such as myself.” 

Rayceen Pendarvis is doing good work in the subversive guise of entertainment.  I applaud you and your efforts.”

“You are amazing and such an inspiration.  Thank you for putting your heart and soul into the community.

We need more people like you.  Much much love to you!” 

“Meeting Rayceen Pendarvis was like being swept in a storm of positive energy.  Radiant, contagious delight,

so much so, a stage manager had to hush me as we discussed The NYC and DC Drag Ball Circuit.

She told me stories about Crystal Labaija and other famous NYC queens."

“I loves me some Rayceen.  She has always been so cordial and uplifting.”

“Thank you so much Rayceen.  I truly love your spirit from our very 1st meeting.”

“Miss Rayceen Pendarvis you gave me all my life at the #ThisIsLuv Town Hall...

thank you for voicing the truth for us as an Elder...God bless you!”

"I loved performing in ARTOMATIC this year, especially having the opportunity to perform in the finale show hosted by the hilariously funny Rayceen Pendarvis.  Rayceen had me and my family dying laughing the entire night.  I love all of the work Rayceen and Teamrayceen do in the community and how the evening was not only about entertainment but community activism as well."

“Just wanna say thanx and I appreciate the wisdom, guidance and examples you set for our keeps me motivated and on the right path.”

“[Rayceen Pendarvis] YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!” 

“Pioneer Rayceen Pendarvis.  What a sweet, wonderful & warm person.  I Just Love Ya.”

"Meeting [Rayceen Pendarvis] was a turning point in my life."

“Rayceen you are a shining light!  I LOVE your spirit - so glad u were born - have a blessed year!”

"[Rayceen Pendarvis] of the most inspirational people I know.  Your heart is big

and your loving spirit toward all that you contact is enormous!"


“For there is but one MOTHER!”

[Rayceen Pendarvis] you just made my day!!!  Thank you Darling.”

“Thank you Rayceen Pendarvis for the opportunity to tell my life story.”

[Rayceen Pendarvis]...We all strive to be as bold and courageous as you.  Loving and holding others accountable to build a better community not just for LGBT but for everyone.  We love u and I love you.”

“...Rayceen Pendarvis!  The mold was BROKE when GOD created you.  We are grateful for your unique, rare and priceless spirit. After our many talks at the shop on Capital Hill & Adams Morgan, I am ELATED to see you FULLY embrace your


and I am blessed you call me friend.”

Rayceen have a special brand of humor that cannot be duplicated...I am in awe.”

“Let me tell you something about Rayceen, for people who don't know Rayceen. Rayceen is like the Fairy Godmother of DC...
she's someone who has experienced a lot, speaks a lot of wisdom and she almost kinda watches over the community...
and I think it's such a blessing...when she calls on you for something or when she speaks to you...
it's an amazing thing for people who don't know who she is.”

The Rayceen Pendarvis lifestyle is one of “LAUGHTER” and “LOVE”.  These two words are thoroughly ingrained in everything associated with the phenomenal Rayceen Pendarvis.  Several times a week, it's a sure bet Rayceen has succeeded in using “LAUGHTER” and “LOVE” to cheer many hearts, and heal many wounds.  Not necessarily wounds that are visible to the human eye, but those that reside within the hearts and minds of people who have never shared their personal story with the world.  

This admirable quality, of suddenly transforming someone from a somber mood into a joyful one, is a delightful comedic trademark that Rayceen has totally mastered.  This is the beautiful and heartfelt gift Rayceen gives to the world on a daily basis.  A unique and personal gift that keeps on giving - without thought, without hesitation, without any reciprocation.  Rayceen Pendarvis shares this precious gift effortlessly to all who are open to receiving it.

It's also a sure bet that being in the presence of Rayceen Pendarvis any day of the week, will feel like being surrounded by a BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW of L-O-V-E.  It's in every hug, it's in every smile, and it's in every wink of the eye that lets you know, “hey, it's gonna be okay, L-O-V-E is here to help save the day!  

Without question, “LAUGHTER” and “LOVE” are always present in everything associated with Rayceen Pendarvis.  You'll find it in “Rayceen – The Entertainer”, “Rayceen – The Activist”, “Rayceen - The Socialite”, Rayceen – The Ballroom Icon”, as well as “Rayceen – The Parent, Family Member & Friend”.  If you're ever in the presence of the RAYCEEN RAINBOW,  get ready, “LAUGHTER” and “LOVE” are coming your way!

“I was blessed to present an award to a LIVING LEGEND, Rayceen Pendarvis, for providing outstanding and consistent education and needed resources to people and communities across the nation (on a wide-variety of topics), advocating on behalf of those whom are without a voice and for tackling issues/concerns that are too controversial for others, and for creating opportunities where none previously existed.

Your life, career and legacy are best described as one of complete EXCELLENCE!  You are OUR HERO!  I love you and pray for your continued strength as you walk in GOD’s many blessings!”

“I extend heartfelt gratitude, respect and love to Rayceen Pendarvis, one of GOD's angelic soldiers, whom proudly wears an armor of warmth, kindness and resilience as she journeys with a 'purpose' ordained from the heavens.  I have long watched as she has navigated obstacles, built bridges that connected people and community (across city and state lines), created opportunities in places where none existed, and selflessly shared her blessings with so many people.  I am at a lost for words after she and I spoke in spirit today; thus reminding me of just how grateful I am to know her.  I hope that my contribution to the vast network of people that she ministers and causes that she tides, find benefit in my offering.  I love and salute her for what she has done, what she is currently doing, and what she will be called to do in the future!”

Rayceen! You are an essential, powerful, energizing element in this community.  An example of how one person can decide to not just talk, but DO something...Love you so much and so proud you are my friend/family!”


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