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A beloved and towering figure within the Washington DC area, Rayceen Pendarvis is often referred to as “Auntie Rayceen” by many in the community who revere the DC icon as a trusted counselor and mentor.  Their reverence is only natural since Pendarvis has established a firm reputation as a nurturing and maternal figure with a keen ability to dispense a wide range of useful advice. 

Therefore, within the past decade, it came as no surprise when Pendarvis accepted the call to begin sharing that advice with readers of not one, but several lifestyle magazines targeting the African-American and LGBTQ communities.  Collectively, these articles have continued to widen the career umbrella of the Pendarvis brand while also spreading the spirit and core values of the diva's overall mission.

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In the Fall of 2013, Rayceen Pendarvis began writing periodic advice columns for SWERV Magazine. These insightful articles often begin with a variety of interesting titles, including, “The Snow Queen”, “Thick, Fine, And Over 50!”, “Cyber Love or Cyber Lust”, and “All Queens Don't Wear A Crown!” Although these “tell it like it is” commentaries are often laced with a sassy brand of comedy, readers are always given solid and meaningful “pearls of wisdom”.  Each and every article is refreshingly unique in that they are all specifically tailored to the special needs of the LGBTQ community.

SWERV Magazine is a national lifestyle periodical, celebrating the culture and community of African American Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) people throughout the country.  Launched in the Winter of 2008 as a quarterly publication, SWERV features same-gender-loving men and women in literature, music, visual and performing arts, film, television, sports, politics, and more. SWERV also includes sections on fashion, health & fitness, news, travel, special events, and advice, courtesy of Rayceen Pendarvis.

“Questions From The Readers 2017”

SWERV Magazine
September/October 2017

“It Ain't Over Until the “Phat” Lady Sings!”

SWERV Magazine
May/June 2017


SWERV Magazine
November/December 2016

“The Freaks Amongst Us”

SWERV Magazine
July/August 2016

“When the Kids Become the Caretaker” 

SWERV Magazine
January/February 2016

“Honey, It Is Time to Pamper Yourself” 

SWERV Magazine
July/August 2015

“Thick, Fine, and Over 50!” 

SWERV Magazine
January/February 2015

“The Snow Queen”

SWERV Magazine
September/October 2014

“All Queens Don't Wear a Crown” 

SWERV Magazine
May/June 2014

“Cyber Lover or Cyber Lust” 

SWERV Magazine
January/February 2014

“Cougar Love” 

SWERV Magazine
Fall 2013

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