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Rayceen Pendarvis — the "High Priestess of Love" — is a legally recognized Wedding Officiant in Washington, DC.  If you are in search of someone to officiant your wedding, you have already taken the very first step by considering the professional services of Rayceen Pendarvis


Whether you attended a wedding officiated by Pendarvis, searched online, met at a wedding expo, or received a personal recommendation, you and your future spouse are well on your way to selecting one of the primary components of an elegant and meaningful wedding ceremony.

Although the role of Wedding Officiants are typically short and sweet, their unique contributions can ultimately become a major highlight of your wedding. Regardless if you intend to plan a religious, spiritual, civil, or interfaith ceremony, choosing who will preside over your wedding will become one of your most crucial decisions.  The officiant will also have a significant influence in setting the tone and mood of your ceremony, so it is vitally important that you choose wisely!

For over 30 years, Rayceen Pendarvis has presided over a wide array of social events as a professional Master of Ceremonies.  This vocation has given the veteran emcee the ability to truly become a dynamic speaker.  Consequently, Pendarvis is equipped with the skills and experience to truly give voice to how you envision your ceremony, and will strive to make sure each and every word is seasoned with authentic meaning.  

Furthermore, as a thriving columnist for several well established magazines, you can take pride in knowing that Pendarvis processes the writing skills necessary to lovingly express you and your partner's vision of your wonderful future together.

If that's not enough, Rayceen Pendarvis was also a proud recipient of the Washington Blade Best of Gay DC Readers' Poll for “Best Clergy" in 2016.  Pendarvis also achieved the status of officially being voted first runner-up for “Best Clergy” in 2017.  

While it is always great to “shine a light” on your own unique gifts and talents, it's even better to have the local community back you up.  Without question, the metropolitan areas of DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia have spoken!

Please know that Rayceen Pendarvis truly hopes to help make your wedding day a huge success. This pivotal moment in time should be one of the best days of your life!  As a non-denominational preacher in the church of L-O-V-E, Pendarvis always strives to make your vision the number one priority!

Amidst the flurry of excitement and butterflies, couples can occasionally experience considerable stress when juggling the responsibilities of planing a wedding.  By selecting Pendarvis, you will not only gain a wonderful wedding officiant, you will also acquire a knowledgeable ally willing to share a vast network of contacts and best practices.  This will certainly assist in helping to make everything run more smoothly.  The confidence and enthusiasm Pendarvis processes will also assure you that your one-of-a-kind ceremony will be in good hands!  

Breathe.....focus, and be confident in your decision to select the incomparable Rayceen Pendarvis as your wedding officiant.  One thing is certain, there is, and will only be, one "High Priestess of Love".   

Rayceen Pendarvis would love to give you and your fiancé a REALLY BIG CONGRATULATORY HUG.  There is great joy and awe when a loving couple takes the significant step of tyeing the knot and entering into the wonderful institution of marriage.  The occasion is much more than an event, it is the beginning of an exciting journey.  Pendarvis commends you on the decision to get married and hopes to share in the joy of your special day.  Until then, please consider these important tips which were especially crafted for YOU!


To assist both of you in selecting an appropriate Wedding Officiate,
and to insure that you have a wonderful wedding ceremony.

1. Confirm that your wedding officiant is properly certified and legally ordained according to the laws of the jurisdiction in which the wedding will take place.  The last thing you want to worry about after your wedding is the validity of your marriage.

2. Choose a wedding officiant who shares you and your fiancé's vision of your wedding ceremony.  It is vitally important that the three of you remain on the same page.

3. Make sure that your wedding officiant knows how to take care of the appropriate paperwork.  The officiant is ultimately responsible for getting the marriage license from the couple prior to the ceremony, having it in their possession during the ceremony, and having witnesses at the ceremony to sign the license.  It is also the officiant's responsibility to complete their portion of the license and return it to the issuing Register of Deeds office within a timely manner. 

4. Include elements of personalization!  The best and most memorable ceremonies are not cookie-cutter.  This is your time to SHINE and  your wedding should reflect your unique relationship, as well as your individual beliefs, values, and vision.  Oftentimes, there is a symbolic ritual that represents two lives becoming one.  Work with your officiant to make this magical moment truly unique and personal.  By invoking just the right amount of emotion — from tears to laughter — your wedding ceremony will most certainly become a memorable occasion. 

5. Finally, while planning a wonderful wedding is a great first step, don't forget to also plan for the MARRIAGE.  After all, the dedication to love, honor, and respect each other should ultimately last far longer than your wedding day. 

In closing, there is nothing quite like the moment when a loving couple is presented to the world as an officially married couple. The joyous occasion of walking back up the aisle to the cheers of your loved ones is a moment you'll cherish FOREVER

Rayceen Pendarvis certainly hopes to share in this momentous occasion, and looks forward to meeting you real soon!  

To request a get acquainted consultation and determine how the "High Priestess of Love" can help make your unique vision become a reality, fill out the contact form below.

You also have the option to email your inquiry to  Be sure to include your wedding date, time, venue or special location. 


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The Reviews Are Raving

On January 21, 2018, Rayceen Pendarvis presided over the lavish wedding reception of Jermaine Comache Brown and André Benard Christian-Brown.  The comments of those in attendance speak volumes.

"I want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Rayceen Pendarvis for being present during the rough moments of preparation and for hosting my wedding reception.  OMG YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB and EVERYONE is RAVING over you.  I've gotten nothing but positive feedback and I didn't expect anything less of GREAT from you. I love you so much!"

“In my Rayceen Pendarvis voice “Well Make It Work” you did an AMAZING job so full of life and laughter I just met you but you are truly something special and I love you for just being you!”

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