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Human Rights Campaign’s Team POC
Employee Resource Group

Episode  No.  N/A
“Nothing to Hide - Minority LGBTQ Mental Health”
July 31, 2017

Rayceen Pendarvis was formally invited to serve as one of several panelist for a intersectional panel discussion titled "Nothing to Hide - Minority LGBTQ Mental Health".  Streamed on Facebook Live, the informative  discussion aimed to “bring awareness to the unique challenges of LGBTQ minorities with mental health, especially people of color, and the various options available for self care and treatment.”  The discussion was co-hosted by the Human Rights Campaign’s Team POC Employee Resource Group, Impulse DC, Whitman-Walker Health, and Mental Health America.  The event was held at the HRC Equality Center in Washington, DC.

Wake Up Washington

Episode  No. Unknown
“Interview with Rayceen Pendarvis” (Excerpts)
June 11, 2017

WUSA-TV is TEGNA’s flagship broadcast station in the nation’s capital, and it has a long and storied history full of groundbreaking firsts and major achievements.  The mission of WUSA 9 is to deliver the most updated, local, compelling, emotionally connected, smart and relevant news and information to any target audience. 

Larry Miller reports from the Wake Up Washington Live Desk on breaking, social and entertainment news.  His work has earned him Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press awards for hard news reporting.  Larry is also an adjunct professor at Prince George's Community College where he teaches speech communication.

Good Morning Washington

Episode No. Unknown
“Capital Pride DC: LGBTQ Etiquette 101 with AJ King & Rayceen Pendarvis”
June 8, 2017

Together, AJ King and Rayceen Pendarvis teach viewers how to ask the right questions to members of the LGBTQ community concerning matters of sexual orientation, gender, etc.  The segment was part of a week-long celebration of Gay Pride Month, with the last segment coinciding with the start of Capital Pride DC.

Live w/ Kim & Nuby

Episode  No. Unknown
“Interview with Rayceen Pendarvis - No. 2”
March 24, 2017

Live w/ Kim & Nuby presents a new show each Wednesday at 7:00pm on Facebook Live.  Each installment features interviews with a wide assortment of celebrities including, recording artists, fashion icons, actors, authors, journalists, and much more.

Live w/ Kim & Nuby

Episode No. Unknown
“Interview with Rayceen Pendarvis - No. 1”
February 17, 2017

Live w/ Kim & Nuby presents a new show each Wednesday at 7:00pm on Facebook Live.  Each installment features interviews with a wide assortment of celebrities including, recording artists, fashion icons, actors, authors, journalists, and much more.

We SPEAK - The Talk Show

Episode 306
“One On One with Rayceen Pendarvis”
February 08, 2016

We SPEAK bills itself as a talk show that doesn't necessarily chat about currents events but rather about the issues that are forever current in their/our hearts.  The show features several rotating hosts, including Alvin King, David Lett, Christopher Smith, James L. Hicks, Shaina Edney and Riley Knoxx.

Bishop Allyson Abrams Show

Episode 22
“Rayceen Pendarvis Interview”
January 03, 2016

The Bishop Allyson Abrams Show is a cutting edge platform for discussion of current events, issues and topics that will impact the community.  Bishop Abrams discusses religion, real estate, politics, health, education, technology, wellness and a variety of other topics.  Abrams is also the pastor of Empowerment Liberation Cathedral in Silver Spring, MD.

Firebird Flava

Episode No. Unknown
“Living Trans: Helping people to understand life as a trans person”
July 16, 2015
Firebird Flava is a public affairs show produced entirely by graduating seniors of the University of the District of Columbia (UDC). The show gives aspiring TV producers an opportunity to work in front of and behind the camera. 

#ThisIsLuv Multimedia Campaign

Premiere Episode
““This Is Luv Town Hall Meeting”
February 22, 2015

This Is Luv” (#ThisIsLuv), was a multimedia campaign highlighting examples of Black LGBT-affirming love present within Black families and communities through photos, video blogs, and testimonials.  The chief aim of the campaign was to give space for the LGBT community to come together and show love!  The online campaign culminated with a Town Hall Meeting in Washington, DC, which featured comments by Rayceen Pendarvis and a host of LGBT luminaries.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Premiere Episode
“On Being Human: Reflections on Transgender Health and Wellness”
June 10, 2014

The LGBTI Portfolio presents “On Being Human: Reflections on Trans* Health and Wellness,” a 90-minute panel discussion that featured trans* men and women across a variety of professions and perspectives,  “On Being Human…” explored trans* identity through first-person narrative voice.  The program brought together Dr. Scout, Director of the Network for LGBT Health Equity; Dr. JV Sapinoso, Assistant Director of the LGBTI Studies Program at University of Maryland College Park; Cecillia Chung, Strategist at Trans* Law Center; Ruby Corado, Executive Director of Casa Ruby; and Rayceen Pendarvis, a prominent Washington, DC, socialite, emcee, columnist, and host of The Ask Rayceen Show. Collectively, the panel discussed the intersections of difference and the importance of understanding trans* issues through the prisms of health, health research, employment, and culture.  Additionally, panelists shared personal stories and answered questions from the audience.


50 States of Gay

Episode: Washington, DC
“Rayceen Pendarvis”
May 16, 2016
"Thanks to the Mayor's Office of LGBTQ Affairs for accommodating my interview for #50StatesofGay" - Rayceen Pendarvis

On May 10th, 2016, Cole Ledford began a journey to tell the stories of LGBTQ+ people from across America.  Over the next 31 days, he collected video footage, pictures, and hundreds of stories from members of the LGBTQ+ community to be shared in a video documentary series unlike anything done before. 


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