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Over the years, Rayceen Pendarvis has had various careers in the entertainment industry. Today, most fans are well aware of the clever comedic talent Pendarvis displays on stage (and off stage for that matter).  The rare and priceless art of blessing people with the gift of laughter has become a cornerstone of the diva's DNA.

In addition to the career endeavors Pendarvis is well known for – Host, Emcee, Motivational Speaker and Equality Advocate, there have also been exciting forays as an Actor, Recording Artist, Ballroom Legend and much more.  Yet, there's one realm of entertainment Pendarvis completely conquered that some may not be aware of.  The ingenious art of performing as a Female Illusionist.  This creative entry on the Pendarvis resumé gave the DC icon the opportunity to truly SHINE!

Each night the curtains would open and out stepped a glamorous potpourri of HAIR, MAKEUP, JEWERLY, and COSTUMES, all topped with a megawatt helping of ATTITUDE!  These artistic interpretations were loving performed with a great deal of admiration for the art form, as well as, the legendary artists Pendarvis paid tribute to.  One look at these Las Vegas style performances and viewers were instantly transformed to a different time and place, carefully selected by the creative imagination of Pendarvis.   

As the stage lights dimmed, the curtains would open and out stepped a BIG, BEAUTIFUL, BADASS DIVA jammin' inside a fierce 1970's discotheque.  Then, as the curtain pulled back for the second act, the beautiful sounds of “Mr. Melody” would begin blaring over the sound system as the incomparable Natalie Cole graced the stage, RULING THE AUDIENCE with her every note as only the daughter of a KING can do.  

Finally, as the crowd braced themselves for the grand finalé, stage lights would illuminate center stage to reveal the UNDISPUTED QUEEN OF DISCO, the phenomenal Donna Summer, saving the ABSOLUTE BEST for last.  These iconic performances gave audience members a chance to sit back, unwind, and toss away their cares while basking in the glow of a carefully selected roster of their most beloved entertainers.  

Fortunately, this exciting chapter of the Pendarvis legacy is well documented on video and preserved for your enjoyment!  Click below to view a select group of vintage performances and get ready to be ENTERTAINED.

Click below to further explore the multifaceted careers of Rayceen Pendarvis. 


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