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Rayceen Pendarvis is a prolific motivational speaker who has appeared before large crowds in various cities around the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.  Widely known as the “Goddess of DC”, the sought-after counselor and mentor processes a “tell it like it is” style of delivery, which is often topped with a refreshing spontaneous wit, and coupled with a unique one-of-a-kind personality.  The success Pendarvis enjoys in a variety of personal and professional endeavors is well documented and has become the foundation for several uniquely genuine talks.  This allows the diva to routinely step up to the podium and deliver messages that are distinctive, unparalleled, and unlike many others.  Over the years, Pendarvis has told amazing stories of overcoming adversity, maintaining perseverance, dealing with life's challenges, building self esteem, accomplishing goals, developing team building skills, and creating a better community.  These talks are designed to challenge and transform audience members while also leaving them informed, entertained, and empowered with practical strategies to improve their lives.  It's expected that attendees will walk away with precious "pearls of wisdom" that will ultimately assist them in striving to greater heights.

Rayceen Pendarvis is a a well-known public figure within the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, who has been named Person of The Year by Go Gay DC, and has also been honored by Gay Men's Health Crises, DC Black Pride, Capital Pride Alliance, The DC Center For The LGBT Community, as well as several churches, fraternities and numerous philanthropic and community organizations.

Over the years, Pendarvis has been invited to speak at many events.  Below you will find video footage of two – the keynote speech given at the 2016 Mandate 757 event, and the 2017 speech given as “Table Topics Master” for the UPO Community Leaders Toastmasters Club.

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Rayceen Pendarvis is also a very successful columnist who has written numerous articles for a variety of magazines.  You can also find the media guru dispensing uplifting messages, with a unique brand a wisdom, on several television and radio shows.  Click below to further explore the multifaceted careers of Rayceen Pendarvis.

Click below to further explore the multifaceted careers of Rayceen Pendarvis. 

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